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License Cotton Quilting Fabric Expecto Patronum


SKU: LIC-1410038

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WEIGHT: 140gsm

WIDTH: 141cm

CONTENT: 100% cotton

FEATURE: Eco-frienfly, soft

CUSTOM: Available



Quilting fabric is a kind of 100% pure cotton fabric. 100% cotton fabric is made of cotton and produced through textile technology. It has the characteristics of moisture absorption, warmth retention, heat resistance, alkali resistance and sanitation. Quilting fabric comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and prints. Many quilting fabrics feature small, repeating patterns that are designed to be easily combined and coordinated with other fabrics. This makes it easy for quilters to create complex and colorful designs using a variety of fabrics.


    Content:                              100% Cotton
     Width:                                141cm
    Weight:                               140 GSM
    Yarn Count:                       20*20
    Density:                              60*60
    Sample:                               Free Sample
    Deliver time:                      3 Days
    Standard:                            Oeko-Tex 100
    Custom service:                Prints, size, packing, logo
    FBA service:                      Offer
    MOQ:                                  1 yard


Product Usage

  Quilting fabric is a versatile and essential material for anyone interested in quilting. With its wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures, quilting fabric makes it easy to create beautiful and intricate quilts that are both functional and decorative,trinkets etc.

Fabric & Product Customization

1. Send AI and PDF to easily realize fabric color, size, logo, and packaging customization.

2.Complete the customization of clothing, bags, accessories, and patchwork through designated fabrics.


What is FAMA Certification?
  Disney FAMA (Facility and Merchandise Authorization) certification is a program that ensures that all merchandise produced by Disney’s licensees and vendors is manufactured in compliance with ethical and safety standards. The FAMA certification is highly valued by licensees and vendors, as it allows them to use the Disney logo on their products and to sell merchandise in Disney stores and parks.
Is the delivery fast?
  Yes, we have fabrics in stock, and the delivery is very fast. You can see our real-time inventory online, place an order with one click, and we will help you confirm the order and complete the delivery immediately.
Is the MOQ high and is the quality guaranteed?

FA factory has been established for 10 years, has 10 years of production experience, and is an OEM for big brands. You can completely believe in quality problems, and the MOQ is 1 yard.